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NEIoT Higher Apprenticeships

Senior Housing and Property Management (CIH)


Course details may be subject to change

This apprenticeship programme will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a successful career within the housing industry.

You will gain valuable experience working with an employer.

This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career within the housing industry.

Modules Studied Level 4:

  • Personal and Professional Development - develop reflective writing skills to evaluate your current housing practice, knowledge and skills; customer service, communication, supervisory skills and knowledge.

  • Work Related Learning (Housing Research) - develop housing related research and project management knowledge, techniques and skills; production of a research proposal.

  • Housing, Society and Policy - develop knowledge and understanding of historical and current context in which housing operates including social, demographic, market and policy changes.

  • Collaborative Working to Meet Diverse Need - the principles, relevant legislation and best practice of collaborative working including a number of scenarios for safeguarding.

  • Legal Framework for Housing - be introduced to the legal system and institutions and the formal and informal methods of dispute resolution; develop knowledge and understanding of liability and contract law.

  • Housing and Neighbourhood Services - develop knowledge and understanding of a range of housing management policies, practice and legal responsibilities for the generic housing management functions. There is a strong focus on social exclusion and ASB.

Level 5:

  • Personal and Professional Development - build on the evaluation of your skills and knowledge from Level 4.

  • Work Related Learning - conduct research and complete your work related research project.

  • Economic and Regulatory Framework for Housing - the macro-economic framework as well as capital and revenue expenditure.

  • Managing Staff in Housing Organisations - the key principles of effective people management.

  • Housing Policy, Strategy and Business - discover the role of effective governance, business planning and performance; policy and strategy; social enterprise.

  • Planning and Developing Healthy and Sustainable Communities - planning and regeneration; sustainability; housing and health.

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